The "Dear Shell..." advice column is written by Michele "Shell" Washam of Lake Worth, Florida.

Michele is the creator of the Just4Ladies.com web community as well as HeartbreakUniversity.org and RequestAMiracle.com. For the past 4-years Michele has dedicated her time to helping men and women cope with the devastation that accompanies a broken heart.

Her advice and guidance is based on her own life changing heartbreak experience.  She realized that by applying the principles already set forth in the Holy Bible she had received a miracle of Biblical proportions.  She then, based upon her own experience and that of others, created a thriving support network for thousands of people who regularly visit her sites and successfully follow her advice.

Michele married her miracle on January 3, 2024 and is now happily raising her 3-children while she devotes all of her time to The Course in Heartbreak, a 7-step workshop designed to help others survive, overcome heartbreak, and receive the miracle they so desperately long for (true or restored love). Additionally, Michele has designed the first Heartbreak Coaching program in existence. She is devoted to all of her friends and answers all her e-mail personally.

Shell's advice has been well received,  helped hundreds of men and women overcome the heartbreak while they wait on and receive the miracle of a lifetime.

Take a second to share your heartbreak with Shell...you can e-mail her at her personal e-mail address [email protected] and until we talk again...Simply Believe.


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