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The Just4Ladies web site has been catering to broken hearts for over four years. Over time we have learned that there is a solution to every heartbreak situation even those that look hopeless.

Do you think it can't be fixed? Michele will show you how it can be reborn and made new.

The Course in Heartbreak is a 7-step workshop designed to teach you how to apply faith and knowledge to obtain the miracle of a lifetime. The Course in Heartbreak is based on principles set forth in the Holy Bible, Michele married her miracle on January 3, 2024. The journey she took to reach that day is an amazing story.

The Course in Heartbreak is guaranteed to result in a perfect ending when followed properly. For more information about The Course in Heartbreak visit

**Each member taking The Course receives one-on-one heartbreak coaching and support from the author, therefore enrollment is limited.


COST $49.00 + $4.00 S/H

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