There is nothing worse than dealing with a broken heart except dealing with it alone. The Heartbreak University Heartbreak Coaching & Support program is the only coaching program of it's kind.

Michele "Shell" Washam created the Just4Ladies community with the thought of helping others thru the devastation she felt before she received her miracle, during the course of her journey Michele has helped hundreds of men and women overcome the pain and turn it into a productive force in their own lives which always results in a miracle.

Here is what some J4L members have to say about Shell's coaching program.

"...I was 5 minutes away from taking rat poison to end it all, I couldn't even afford to go out and buy sleeping pills to do it the right way. I had e-mailed Shell earlier in the day and she just popped up on my screen in an Instant Message. It was that night and that conversation that changed my life...Shell saved my life and helped me see what I could really be with or without my husband. That was two years ago, me and hubby are doing GREAT and I am running my own support group here in Miami for abused women..." - Lisa in Miami, FL

"The one thing I lacked when my boyfriend of 4 years left me was patience. By the time I found the web site I had all but destroyed my relationship. I just couldn't leave well enough alone and I drove him away with my desperate attempts to win him back. I met Michele in the live prayer room one night when I went in and I didn't really know how to pray, I was just going to watch because something was pulling me to stay in there. I talked to Michele for over an hour and in the very first conversation I felt something I had not felt before that is hope. Michele helped me to be patient and not to react to his lack of actions, it took 11-months but we got back together and it has never been better. We're getting married in June! Thank you Michele, not only did I change myself into a better person but I made a lifer friend in you"...Dee - Rochester, NY

** I will gladly provide references upon request. All coaching sessions are strictly confidential. For more information about Heartbreak Coaching & Support please e-mail Shell at [email protected] or call 561-352-5972 to reserve time.

Coaching Package is $440.00 for an 8 week session. That includes two (2) one hour sessions per week, 24.7 emergency support and online support .


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