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The Just4Ladies Heartbreak Community has an interesting past and a promising future. Originally created as one of the Internet's first ladies only erotica web sites but after a life changing heartbreak the creator, Michele Washam, then a 30-year old single mom of three,  changed her course in life after surrendering her broken heart and broken will to God. On Valentines Day 1999 Just4Ladies took on a new mission and became one of the finest web sites online dedicated to helping men and women cope with, overcome, survive and restore their broken hearts by combining faith in God and knowledge of His word. Her advice has helped thousands of women restore not only love, but self and spirit as well to enjoy a truly new beginning.

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Michele would go on to spend the next 4-years of her life dedicated to mastering the lessons that lead us to a miracle of true or restored love. Her projects include the now, world famous web community and she recently launched where she shares her Course In Heartbreak© with men and women around the world. From porn to prayer, Michele has accepted her mission with joy.

After lifting her broken heart up to The One who restores and gives new life, Michele married her miracle on January 3, 2024. Michele and her husband Michael and her three children, Ashley Rose, Cassandra, and Louie reside in Lake Worth, Florida with their three Yorkies, a Saint Bernard and a kitty named Talula Bell. Her dreams of finding someone to share her life, faith and family with came true ten fold and the journey to reach the miracle was incredible. Each day brings a new lesson and a new blessing. "The journey doesn't end after you get the just keeps getting better!", says Michele.

Michele launched A Course in Heartbreak on June 1, 2024 and her first book The Ingredients for a Miracle is available in July 2024. has grown into a huge network of men and women determined to find and keep true love. Thousands of people have brought their broken hearts to J4L and found a way to the answers they sought. All of Michele's projects are inspired by God and Michele believes that The Lord used her traumatic experience to help others and glorify Him by sharing the message.

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In July of 2024 the J4L Heartbreak Community underwent a complete re-design in order to accommodate the numerous new members wishing to join. The community is totally free. Just4Ladies is designed to help visitors survive the first devastating hours of heartbreak right through to the day they receive the desire their hearts are longing for.

The Letters From the Heart Devotional is a wonderful, interactive newsletter that is sent out weekly. Members can offer praise, prayer, encouragement and inspiration to other members via this newsletter. Additionally, new features and upcoming events are included.

Our eGroup found on Yahoo is a new addition but is the place to be for live prayer meetings and webinars. You won't want to miss them! One of the extra features on the site include the first Heartbreak Coaching© program in existence.

The Just4Ladies Heartbreak Community is designed for the members with the feelings, beliefs and emotions of the members in mind. It is strongly encouraged that you share your pain with us...we're here because we care. Over 97% of our original members are still active participants in the Just4Ladies community, some as prayer angels, coaches or simply because we're all family.

We hope you enjoy your visit and warmly welcome you to the Just4Ladies Heartbreak Community...Come back often!

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