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Prayer for a Broken Heart
Dear Jesus, my heartís been broken, my feelings are hurt, my dreams are shattered. I desperately need you today. You promised to make all things work for good to those who love you. Although I donít see how this can possibly work for my good right now, but I rely on you because you have never broken a promise to me. Give me patience as I struggle, make me stronger, and bring me closer to you.
In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

Dear Lord, I was sharing a problem with a friend when he said, "I couldn't care less!" and he walked away. Please help anyone with that attitude. Show them Christ's attitude of "I couldn't care more!" It led him to the cross. It leads us to forgiveness, the abundant life and perfect eternity. Help us to exhibit Christ's care for others.
In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

Jesus, when you said "Take up your cross and follow me" you were looking for commitment. Motivated by your love, your disciples modeled it beautifully. Why is it so hard to come by today? Youth and adults hear that same call today and make their vows at your altar. Then in an amazingly short time they wander. Fill us with your love so that we may live the totally committed life until you fulfill your commitment to take us to heaven.
In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

Dear Father, when Jesus "saw the multitudes he was moved with compassion." His desire to help and enfold the scattering souls moved Him to the very depth of His being. I also see desperate people. Sometimes my sinful nature says they are getting what they deserve. Fill me with Christ's love so that I can reach out and enfold needy souls with Christ like compassion. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.
Father, I admit I've made many bad decisions. I wish that sometimes you could have reached down from heaven and stopped me. But this I know. You were always there. You made the best out of my bad decisions. You are always working for good in the lives of all those who love you. Thank you, Father. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.
For those dealing with divorce and its results
O giver of all things good, merciful God, still my troubled heart and bring healing to our broken family. I was devastated the first time I knew the divorce was certain. "How can these things be?" I groaned. "What about the children?" I worried.

Now that the divorce is real, the pain continues. The children suffer, often caught in the middle of bitter infighting, sometimes set adrift on conflicting waves of emotion. I feel helpless to improve matters myself, O God, but you can help. Turn each spouse to see their own sins in what has happened. Move them to repent, and help them to trust Jesus for forgiveness and to move on in their lives.

Above all, keep the children in your care. Give them the comfort, wisdom, and understanding necessary to come safely through the conflict. As you will, O Lord, help me help the children.
In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

God's Will
Dear Lord, I have prayed repeatedly, "Thy will be done." My children have left the church, we are about to lose the family business. Is this your will, Lord? Turn my head around so that I don't even ask that question. The fallen world is full of evil, but your will is always that I experience your love through Jesus Christ. Help me to see this even in the most difficult times.
In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.
For good days
Dear Lord, thank you for answering so many of our prayers. We are in awe of your goodness. We thank and praise you for your outstanding power, which keeps us in awe of you. And for your peace, which gives us hope when we feel hopeless. For your presence, which makes us feel loved when we feel unlovable. For your grace, which reminds us that we are your children.

You are an amazing God. It overwhelms me that you do not simply tolerate me, but that you are actually consumed by your love for me. Keep me focused on that love, so that I finish the race, clinging to you. I can't wait to be with you in heaven, forever.
We ask everything in Jesus' name, trusting that your Spirit intercedes for us. Amen.

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