What is the J4L Heartbreak Club?
The Just4Ladies Heartbreak Club is a group of men and women united to help each other through the devastation of heartbreak by networking with each other through our Yahoo eGroup. Our members form a huge support network that all believe the same thing, when you look up you can't go wrong. We have all experienced what you are feeling right now, that feeling like your heart is going to stop beating any second as if it is struggling to keep on. We as a group believe God has the answer and through Him, hundreds of our members have experienced their miracles above and beyond anything they could have hoped for. We are here for each other 24/7. We meet during the day and at night and our midnight sessions have helped many of us overcome the hardest part of heartbreak...the loneliness. Due to the rapid growth of the J4L Heartbreak Community we decided to move the Heartbreak Club to an eGroup where we can post and chat regularly. 

Does it cost anything to Join?
Never! The support we offer is always free. You'll receive scheduling information on a regular basis announcing our live support group and prayer schedules. ALL FREE!

What Does My Membership Entitle me to?
Your membership entitles you to daily updates, comments prayer requests, praise reports and more. We hold regular chats where we fellowship with each other and share our pain and our victories.

How do I join?
Joining is easy...simply follow this link to join. If you already have a Yahoo ID it is that much simpler! See you inside!!

Help us grow!
Finding efficient support for heartbreak is almost impossible to do online. Just4Ladies strives to provide the answers to all of the questions you have and a solution to most dilemmas, at the very least we want the heartbroken to know we are here and they are not alone. Please contact for information about linking your website or group with us. We're all in this together, help us heal the broken heart at a time!





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