The Ingredients for a Miracle

By Michele Washam (Author)

The Ingredients for a Miracle is a true story of my journey with God and a written dialogue of every detailed lesson I learned while seeking the answer to the most important prayer to ever leave my lips, The prayer of restored love. 

What do you do when someday someone you love just stops loving you? When they haven't got a clue of the pain the rejection is putting you through? After the most heartbreaking experience of my life, I dedicated the next year to learning how to obtain a miracle. With a lot of prayer an open mind and a commitment to change myself so that I could receive the blessing of true love in my life, I found the formula. Inspired by God to share the ingredients He requires for a miracle I am proud to introduce my very first book. The Ingredients for a Miracle

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Don't waste anymore time pinning over that special someone you have lost, let me show you how to bring true, perfect, blessed love into your life. With these ingredients you will never go wrong. 

Member Review

By Sheila Clark (A Just4Ladies member and journalist.)

This book is a wonderful, detailed story of Michele's journey through heartache, self-discovery, spiritual discovery and more. She has managed to bring the pain of heartbreak and the joy of knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel, onto paper. Michele's experiences show you how to find the peace of God and hold onto it while you wait for restoration or new love. This book moved me to tears at times and gave me hope to keep pressing on. I was amazed at how this little book enlightened me and taught me how not to move backwards. All the lessons to obtain the miracle are here.  The more you read the more you learn about how God wants to change us and prepare us for the blessing of true love, when you have all of the ingredients in the bowl, look out! 


A step by step guide to obtaining the miracle of restoration of a relationship or new love. Complete with scripture to back it up. All of the answers are in our Bible but Michele puts the best ones in order for us. Excellent detail to getting through the rough spots, how to recognize God's answers with regard to the miracle you seek and tons of inspiration and encouragement to bring you through. The results are a guaranteed plan to restore your lost love or bring blessed, everlasting love into your life. 

Pre-Release Reviews

"Shell, if the book is half as good as the site I can't wait to get my copy and read the whole thing, so far so good sis!!" - Francis S.  J4L Member

"OMG Michele! You hit the nail on the head with this one" - Carey F. J4L Member

" I have been following the steps and I am happy to say that so far everything is going good. I haven't spent days crying like before and actually feel so much hope that he is coming back" - Deborah C. 

"...Within days of applying your suggestions, my husband called and said he thought we should reconsider our divorce!!. Your advice is priceless and I can not wait to read this whole book. - Carman K. J4L Member

$12.00 +$4.50 S/H




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