The Just4Ladies Writer's Block reserves the right to reject any article's that do not meet the criteria contained in these guidelines.

All articles, short stories, poems, etc. must be the original work of the person submitting said writing. No Exceptions. A copyright with the authors full name must be present at the end of the writing along with clear contact information. Each author submitting their work to Just4Ladies must sign a release authorizing Just4Ladies to publish said work on any of our web sites or publications so long as proper credit is given to said author. To share inspiration or encouragement materials that belong to someone else or are "Unknown Author" please submit said writings to the webmaster for use in the appropriate category. All writings submitted through the Writer's Block will be used under the Articles and Devotions" category which is original work by J4L Member's and visitor's.

All writing's must be acceptable for all age viewing. This means the content should be appropriate for people of all ages to read. Just4Ladies will reject any writing's that include vulgar or sexually explicit content, writing's containing promotion of hate, violence, paganism, Wicca, racial discrimination, or derogatory racial comments, or any other topics that the editor's deem inappropriate.

Just4Ladies is a Christian based site based on Christian values, although we do accept writing's that do not include Christianity we ask our author's to keep our foundation in mind when choosing to submit your work.

In the event that any part of your submission needs to be edited we will return the writing to you for updating upon which time you may re-submit. If your work is accepted for publishing on the Just4Ladies web site (s) or one of it's publications you will be notified and sent a link to view said posting.

Just4Ladies is not responsible for the theft of any author's work once it has been posted in our public forum. It is up to the author of said writing to persue legal remedies against the responsible parties. All authors submitting work agree to hold Just4Ladies harmless for any misuse of said writings due to theft.

Author's understand that these guidelines are subject to change without notice and it is the author's responsibility to check the J4L Writer's block regularly for new criteria or additions to the guidelines.

If you agree to the above, please click here to submit your article or poem.


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