Please God, Let Mommy and  Daddy Stay Together

Author:  Agatha Weeks

Why do we have to punish our children
by getting a divorce these days,
rather than try and stay together,
changing our selfish ways?

As we see the look of sadness in the eyes of our child,
how can we let this be?  Allowing them to be tossed
back and fourth like a battered ball,
between two dysfunctional families.
What has happened to our families of
today that allows them to look on
marriage in such an insignificant way,
where when things go wrong, instead of
continuing on, they just turn and walk away?

Leaving the children confused and torn. 
Making them wish they'd never been born,
while allowing them to feel partly to blame. 
God forbid, what a dreadful shame.

If only parents would put themselves in the place
of their troubled child, and rather than rob them
of their childhood, stay together, and
reconcile their differences.

For emptiness and insecurity are the
feelings most commonly felt, by the
child of the divorced couple,
more than anything else.

For from the time they were born
until their now departure, they have
shared their lives with both parents......
what torture to now have to leave.

Then comes the intermingling of the
different families; there's
stepfathers and stepmothers.  Then
to add to the confusion, there's
stepsisters  and stepbrothers.
After awhile, the new mom and dad produce
yet another, and now added to
the ready made family, are a half
sister and half brother.

Then along comes jealousy.  One child
trying to outdo the other.  Not
wanting to share their mom and dad's love,
with their half sisters and step brothers.

Oh young children of today, remember
that when seeking a partner of your
own, to select one a lot like yourself. 
Someone who shares your hopes and dreams,
and who places you ahead of themselves.

Someone who is a Christian, making God
the center of your home.  Someone
who loves little children, so that one
day they'll love their own.
Someone who'll be your very best friend,
sharing your joys as well as your sorrows.
Someone who'll be there through thick and thin;
today, as well as tomorrow.

Blessed be the home where two people are one,
and commitment, a most valued treasure. 
For although they may stumble and sometimes fall,
through prayer they will stay together.
For prayer can open the window of
the darkest soul,  and close temptations door.
Making way for a brighter tomorrow;
allowing families to bond once more.

Do you remember the old, but so familiar
saying of many years ago, stating that
"The family who prays together, stays together"? 
If not, it's time you know.
It's past time that we now join together and take a solid stand,
by adding prayer to our marriage; making it sacred once again.
Making sure that at the end of our long and busy day,
that we never fail  to take "time out", to bow our head and pray.

For "The family who prays together, stays together, "
let this our motto be, and instead of divorces,
there'll be golden anniversaries, making
our world a better place for you and me.

Author: Agatha Weeks
Copyright 2024


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