Child Abuse: For many, this is where it starts

For The Children
Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About Child Sexual Abuse 
A Resources List for Youth problems and Child Abuse Awareness..
Child Abuse Prevention Network
Child Abuse: Statistics, Research, and Resources
Child Lures: The Safety Solution
Child Sexual Abuse
Children and sexual assault
Children's Institute International
Emotional Abuse of Children
Facts for Families: Child Abuse
Foundation for the Prevention of Child Abuse
Holli's Triumph Out of Tragedy
How to react when a child wants to talk about abuse 
Intimate Violence - No Family to Go to
It's About Childhood - The Hindman Foundation, Inc.
Kidscape Intro
Nat'l Clearinghouse on Child Abuse/Neglect
National Data Archive on Child Abuse
Prevent Child Sexual Abuse
Preventing Child Sexual Abuse
Protecting Children
Responding to Child Sexual Abuse
Ryther Child Center Homepage
Smart Kids, USA
Tips on Recognizing Child Sexual Abuse 
The Babies Planet
Venture Publications, Inc. Presents Voices For Children
Voices for Children
Welcome To SAFE-T-CHILD Online!
What Is Child Abuse and Neglect?
What is Child Abuse?
When the Bough Breaks: For Parents of Sexually Abused Children
Yahoo! - Society and Culture: Children:Child Abuse: Organizations
Yahoo! - Society: Children: Child Abuse: Child Molestation

Domestic Violence: General Articles, Links

An Internet Journal This is the subscription site to sign up
Blain Nelson's Abuse Pages
Domestic Violence Info Pages
Domestic Violence Page
Domestic Violence Resource's
Domestic Violence Resources
Family Violence Awareness Page The has good statistics, links, resources
FMF - Domestic Violence Information Center
Index: Assault Prevention Information Network
Internet Resources for Some Articles on Domestic Violence
Questions and answers about spousal abuse
Shattered Love/Broken Lives - Main Menu As above
Spousal Abuse Articles, resources
The Safety Zone

Elder Abuse: It is more prevalent than you think

About the New York Elder Abuse Coalition
DRCOG-Funded Health Elder Abuse Prevention Services
Elder Abuse and Mistreatment: A Guide to Recognition
Elder Abuse and Neglect: Resource and Search Engine
Elder Abuse Definition
Elder Abuse from AARP
Elder Abuse Online
Elder Abuse Prevention
Elder Abuse Resource Center
Elder Abuse Signs & Symptoms
GM leading article - Elder abuse some new developments
MINCAVA: Elder Abuse
National Center on Elder Abuse
NCEA-Statistics-Series 1
NCEA-What is Elder Abuse?
People's Green Book: Elder Abuse and Crime
Services Available for Elder Abuse Victims
The Law And Aging Series: Elder Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation
Xact Medicare Services: Elder Abuse

Emotional Abuse: Leaves the deepest scars

Abuse The Family Epidemic
Abusive Parenting
Advantages Using The 21 Emotions Exercise
Annisa's Area: Dissociation, Trauma, and More
Behavioral Indicators - Emotional.
Domestic Violence Information Resources
Domestic Violence Resource's
Domestic Violence Resources
Domestic Violence: Documents
Donna Riley - Domestic Violence
Emotional Abuse Scars Into Adulthood
Empowering People
From Out Of The Darkness And Into The Light
Gelles: Domestic Violence Factoids
HealthGate Healthy Woman
Healthy Relationships
Infoseek : domestic & violence
Infoseek : emotional & abuse
Lycos search: emotional abuse
Men and Domestic Violence Index
Mollykat's Home Page
Of Children
Red Flag Green Flag
S.A.F.E. Homepage
The Masculine and Feminine Path
Violence Against Women in the Office
Welcome To Recovery Anonymous R/A1
What is domestic violence?
Woman to Woman Emotional Abuse Articles Page
You Carry the Cure In Your Own Heart

False Accusations: Often overlooked

Ashes to Ashes... Families to Dust false accusations,
False Accusations of child abuse
False Accusations of Physical and Sexual Abuse
Fighting False Accusations of Child Abuse

Incest: Still a Taboo Subject

A Resource List on Incest
Healing for women survivors of incest and sexual abuse
Healing the Incest Survivor
Incest and Sexual Abuse
Incest Survivors Resource Network International (ISRNI)
Incest/Sexual Abuse of Children
National Victims Coalition: Incest
Partners and Friends of Incest Survivors Anonymous
Sexual Abuse and Incest
Shannon Lane's Incest Home Page
Some Incest Web Sites
Speak Out: Incest
Survivors of Incest Anonymous (SIA)
The Economics of Incest
Voices in Action, Inc. : For Incest Survivors

Men: Yes, they are can be victims

Domestic Violence: Help for Abused Men
Husband Battering
Info On Abuse
M.A.L.E. - Resources For Sexually Abused Males
Male Sexual Abuse Recovery
Male Sexual Assault
Male Survivors Of Sexual, Physical, Emotional Abuse Must Visit
Men Against Domestic Violence
Men and Domestic Violence Index
Men's Issues Page
NOMSV Home Page
Rainbow Male Survivors Network
S.A.F.E. Homepage
Sexual Abuse of Males: Prevalence, Lasting Effects, & Resources
Survivor's of Incest Anonymous
The National Association of Men
Vancouver Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Offenders: There is help available

A PANACEA? Software That Can Eradicate Undesired Emotions
Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers
Blain Nelson's Abuse Pages
Sex Offender Treatment
Treating the Denying Sex Offender


Advocates Against Battering & Abuse

Advocates for Abused & Battered Lesbians (AABL)
Batterer Intervention Services Coalition
BC Institute on Family Violence Start Page
Child Abuse Prevention Program Clearinghouse
Foundation for the Prevention of Child Abuse
Minnesota Higher Education Center Against Violence and Abuse
National Association of Child Advocates
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
National Committee to Prevent Child Abuse Home Page
National Organization of Male Sexual Victims  Home Page
Nicole Brown Simpson Charitable Foundation
Pennsylvania: Women In Transition Home Page
"*P.S.-- the Children" WebRing (*Please Save) 
Red Flag Green Flag
The Clothesline Project
The Family Violence Prevention Fund
The Healing Woman Foundation
The National Organization for Women ( NOW ) Home Page
The Official Office for Victims of Crime Homepage
The Purple Ribbon Project
The Silent Witness National Initiative
Violence Policy Center
Welcome to AReASON Online
Welcome to the National Victim Center

Our Criminal Justice System: The good news and the bad news

A slap on the wrist
Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act, As Amended 11-4-92
Crime Amongst the Experts
FEDERAL LAW: Prohibits gun ownership
Gun ownership is prohibited for cops, military, etc. if they have ever been convicted of domestic violence including misdemeanors
Fowell escapes homicide charge
Information on Children and the Court System
Justice Information Center (NCJRS)
Wrist slapping, bible talking judge fights to keep job

Religious Abuse: Done in the name of a God?

Climbing Out From Hell
Combating Cult Mind Control
Cults Australia
Cults-Jehovah witness site listing
Lazarus Project
Link Up
Merchants of Sex, Sin & Salvation
SNAP: Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests
Spiritual Abuse
Walk Away
Wounded Healer Books

Research Being Done

How Spousal Abuse Rates are Determined
Researchers Dig Deep into Reasons for Spousal Abuse
Welcome to Territory of Blows

Resources: Hot Lines; Legal aid; and other valuable information

Abuse Links-Look Smart Search
Abuse/Sexual Abuse/Incest resources
Blain Nelson's Abuse Pages
Center for Children in Crisis
Domestic Violence Hotlines
Domestic Violence Information Resources
LAAW - Legal Aid for Abused Women Fund
Mental Health Net - Self-help Abuse Resources
Minnesota Higher Education Center Against Violence and Abuse
Relationship Resources - Self-Help
Safety Net Help Resources
Victim Services: Largest Victim Assistance Organization
Welcome to Territory of Blows
WWWomen! The Premier Search Directory for Women Online!

Ritual: Sometimes too frightening to even think about

ABOUT: "Ritual Abuse & SRA Issues
Characteristics and Sources of Allegations of Ritualistic Child Abuse
Has Ritual Abuse Happened Outside of Day Care Centers?
Hopeful Hands
Hopeful Hands - different site
Investigator's Guide to Ritual Abuse Allegations
Investigator's Guide to Ritual Abuse Allegations
Mind Control Forum - Victims Page
MnARA's Home Page
More Than Conquerors
National Study
Rainbow Bridge
Ritual Abuse, Ritual Crime, and Healing Home Page
Santa Cruz Ritual Abuse Task Force
Survivors of Sexual and Spiritual Abuse
Survivorship Gateway

State and National Sources: Valuable resources in your state

Atikokan Crisis Centre
Arizona: The Open Door Shelter
California: Orange County Family Violence Council Homepage
California: Shelter Against Violent Environments
Cleveland, Ohio Domestic Violence Resources
Colorado: Crossroads Safehouse
Crossroads Safehouse, Fort Collins, Colorado
Domestic Violence: Shelters, hotlines, related services
FLorida: No Abuse, Inc. Home Page.
Florida: Quigley House - Emergency Safe Shelter
Florida: Infants in Need, Miami
Global Response to Domestic Violence
Indiana: Genesis of the YWCA
Kansas: SafeHaven Home Page
Massachusetts Coalition for Battered Women
Minnesota: Phoenix Recovery
Minnesota Higher Education Center Against Violence and Abuse
Nashville, TN Domestic Violence Section
National and State Resources
New Hampshire Center Against Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault
New Hampshire: RASS Home Page
New York Community Service Directory
New Zealand: The Home Page That Promotes
North Carolina Coastal Women's Shelter
NY State Domestic Violence Registry
New York - Roslyn, Child Abuse
Ohio: Rosemont Center, Columbus
Ontario: Family Transition
Oregon: Mid-Valley Women's Crisis Service
Oregon: Raphael House of Portland
Pittsburgh, PA Domestic Abuse Counseling Center
Protecting Children
State Domestic Violence Coalitions Telephone Numbers to call for advice
Taipei Women's Rescue Foundation
Texas - Homepage for resources in the state
The Sheepfold - Orange, CA
Vancouver: Atira Transition House Society:
Wisconsin: NEW DAY SHELTER - Ashland, WI
Victim Services Tour of a Domestic Violence Shelter New York

Statistics: The numbers are staggering

Child Abuse and Neglect Statistics
Child Abuse and Sex Offender Statistics
Did you know?
Domestic Violence Statistics
Domestic Violence: Some Disturbing Statistics
HHS Releases New Statistics on Child Abuse and Neglect
How many children are sexually abused?
Physical, sexual and emotional violence against women:

Survivors Resources and Groups

Abuse-Related Links From The Survivors' Voice
Abuse-Related Political Action From The Survivors' Voice
Adult Survivor's of Sexual Abuse
Ben Armstrong -- Abuse Recovery Resources
Biblio of Male Abuse Survivors
Child Abuse Survivor Resources
Dealing with Abuse
Discord's Abuse Survivors' Resources
Finding a Support Group
Incest Survivor's Anonymous
Katie's Cottage: Healing from Abuse
Let the Truth Ring Out!
Links to Resources on Incest Survivors
Mollykat's Home Page
M.A.L.E. - male sexual abuse survivors resources 
Male Survivors Of Abuse & Child Neglect 
MPD and Survivors of Abuse
On the road to Healing
Passages of Hope and Healing for Abuse Survivors - 
Paul McLaughlin - One Man's Story of His Childhood Abuse
Pat's Abuse Survivor Links Page
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 
To Partners Of Survivors
SAIP: Victims: Secondary Victims
Secrets Let Go
Self-help Abuse Resources
Sexual Abuse Survivor's Tools In Recovery
Survivor's link
Survivors of Abuse Treatment Philosophy
Survivor's Home Page
The Norma J. Morris Center - Welcome
The Wounded Healer: Support
The Trinity Pages
Welcome to TimePassages
What Words Cannot Say
Yahoo! - Society and Culture:Children: Child Abuse: Survivors
Yet Another WWWHome Page (YAWP)

Therapeutic: Yes, it happens from the very people we turn to for help.

Protect Yourself Against Malpractice by Your HMO Doctor
Sexual Abuse by Professionals
The sexual abuse of patients
Therapeutic Neglect
Victorian Advocates for Survivors of Therapists (VAST)


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