Over the past four years the author of the Heartbreak Community, Michele Washam, has devoted her life to helping others cope with and over come the grief associated with heartbreak. Even after she received her miracle she continued to focus on the elements that make up heartbreak and the do's and don'ts for surviving the situation and receiving a miracle of true or restored love.

One of the most common barriers to moving forward and receiving the blessing of restoration or discovery of true-love is our own actions, or lack thereof,  while traveling the journey that leads us to the miracle. After dealing with those issues head on and learning from the experience of other Just4Ladies members Michele developed the first Heartbreak Coaching program in existence.

The amount of time it takes to accept and absorb the lessons God has placed in front of you while you journey towards His blessing is dependent on you and your ability to overcome the obstacles placed in your path and remain stable in your faith. The Heartbreak Coaching program literally takes your hand and walks you through those obstacles and helps you focus on the miracle and not on the issues surrounding the absence of the one you love and lost.

Having a Heartbreak Coach will help you help yourself. If you are desperately struggling through the devastation of a broken heart and feel that standing for your relationship is God's will for you but are having a tough time staying focused, the Heartbreak Coaching program can help.

The program is guaranteed to help you through the darkest hours and keep your feet firmly planted in the faith you have been blessed with, the same faith that assures you that you have what you hope for. All Heartbreak advice is based on the biblical promises given us in the Holy Bible and the program will also result in a better understanding of God's word and His will for you regarding your heartbreak situation.

If you are interested in the Heartbreak Coaching program please e-mail [email protected] or call 561-352-9368 to set up a free initial coaching session. I look forward to hearing from you.


Cost: $440.00 for Eight- One hour sessions by phone or in person at my office. Accepted form of payment is credit card or check/money order.



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