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The Ingredients For A Miracle

Don't forget to check out my new book!! (My first book, hehehe) Click here for the Ingredients for A Miracle Preview

You can search for other books and music at by clicking on the logo below.



The following is a detailed listing of Just 4 Ladies Site features and content. 


New Visitors Encouragement
The first stop of your travels. Free registration!! Information to help you stay on track...
The Heartbreak Club Support
The heart and soul of Just 4 Ladies and an exclusive club for those dealing with heartache A special section offering support to those that have no where else to turn.
How To Get A Miracle Fellowship
The ingredients to getting what your heart desires Get to know others and let their friendship help you.
Prayer & Praise Ladies In Crises
Prayers, prayer request links, praise and more Resources for women dealing with crises situations like abuse, homelessness, pregnancy, etc.
Food for the soul. Inspirational quotes and stories.

Live Prayer Talk to God
Live Prayer room where our members come and pray together Have a talk with God. How does He hear us? Advice for effective praying.
Post a Prayer Confession Booth
Post your prayer on our board for our prayer angels and members to pray for you. Confess your sins to one another or to God. Unload that burden
Post Praise Be a Prayer Angel
Post the answer to your prayer Join our prayer team.
Light a Candle Request A Prayer Angel
Light a candle for a loved one Request a prayer partner

Catholic Corner One Member 2 Another
Resources for our Catholic Visitors Members share advice, inspiration, & more.
Angels Among Us J4L Sermons
A fine collection of angel things.  Sermons written by members and the editor
Saving Him Heavenly Music
A work in progress, dedicated to praying and waiting for the salvation & change of your partner.  Tons of Christian Music resources, MP3 files and links.

The Old Testament Ingredients for a Miracle
Complete Old Testament Resource The editor's plan for achieving your goals.
The New Testament Other Reading
Complete New Testament Resource Top member picks. All books have been read and recommended.
Bible Resources
Tons of other Bible resources, interpretations, and Bible sites.


Just 4 Ladies Site Award Sign Our Guest Book
If you have a great Christian web site, apply for our award.  Sign in and let us know what you think
Link To Us View Our Guest Book
Grab a banner and link to us Read what others have to say.
About Just 4 Ladies J4L Members Pages
About Just 4 Ladies, its creation and developer. An in-house Christian web directory created by our members.




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