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The Ingredients For A Miracle

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It's important that we give thanks to God for the answers He gives us to our prayers. This section is here for you to post your praise reports, "thank you's", and special messages to God for the blessings He gives us.  As just for Ladies tries to accommodate all Christian denominations, I will post your acknowledgments to your favorite saints for their Intercession as well. This section to Just 4 Ladies is fairly new so please check back often as we add praise reports to it. You can fill out the form at the bottom of the page to submit a praise. 

From Sandra:

Shell, victory in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior.  My family was suppose to be evicted today May 17, but through prayers and faith everything worked out fine.  With Almighty God all things are possible, only believe.

May Almighty God bless you and yours always.

Your sister in Christ Jesus

From Deb:

Praise GOD!!!!!! Just recieved word that my 5 yr. cancer test came back CLEAR!! PRAISE GOD Love deb

From Shell:

Hello Everyone...

 I am writing to tell you about the amazing things that have happened to me since I asked all of you to pray for me. Are you all sitting down? Here goes.

 "The Lord will make a way out of no way..." - that is what my friend Sandra told me...her and about 25 others sent that same message. God will make a way for you where there seems to be no way. How right they were.

 The last time you all heard from me, I was down to mere pennies with the burden of no food, no school clothes for the kids, mortgage payemt due, no furniture and a host of other problems...I saw no way out and reached out to all of you in total desperation and faith that my Just4Ladies family would pray me through... and you did. I received SO MANY e-mails offering help and prayer that it brought tears to my eyes each time I opened and read one. I had no idea there were so many people out there that cared about me... Let me tell you how the miracles came.

 On Wednesday I picked my children up from school on empty. The car was out of gas and was literally sputtering. I asked my daughter to go into my purse and find as much change as she could so that we would have enough gas to pick my oldest daughter up from her school some three miles away. She began digging through a pile of papers and other "purse debris" and shouted from the back seat..."MOMMY!!! There are a whole bunch of ones here!!!" I had searched that purse already and KNEW I had taken all of the dollars out.. needless to say.. there were 9 one dollar bills, enough to put gas AND give the three of them lunch money the next day. That was miracle number one.

 We went to pick my oldest daughter up from school and on the way home, my 6 year old son asked me if we could order pizza for dinner... I explained that I didn;t have enough money to order pizza that night but we would soon. My youngest daughter, Cassie, said "Mommy, will we ever have enough money for pizza again?" I said "yes Cassies, we will... just pray" Louie, my son, got quiet and after a few minutes announced that he had prayed to God for pizza. My oldest daughter (she is 11 and since starting middle school has reached the ultimate level of coolness, just rolled her eyes) I smiled and thought to myself, how nice it would be to just pray and get pizza... I was about to learn a good lesson. Are you all sitting down?

 We got home and I was cleaning the kitchen when the door bell rang, I opened the door... and there stood the Pizza Hut delivery man with two large pepperoni pizzas. YES HE WAS!!!!!!  He asked me if I was me and I said I was and he handed me the pizzas and said "here, these are for you" stupid me, I stood there and argued with the guy.. insisting I didn't order them, he said "I know, someone else did and they are already paid for" He handed me the pizzas, smiled and left. My daughter stood there with her mouth wide open and said to me...."DUDE I am going to start praying RIGHT NOW"!!! - My two younger children came in and were not the least bit surprised that we had pizza, my son and his sister then had a debate over whether or not God himself delivered them in a pizza man uniform or if He just sent an angel. - People, I am NOT kidding... this REALLY happened!!!!  I had tears in my eyes, I had just been touched LITERALLY by the hand of God. I spent the next hour in total shock, I looked up and thanked God with tears in my eyes and so much peace in my heart.

  It didn't end there. Yesterday morning, we ran out of toilet paper... talk about being down and out... as my youngest daughter yelled from the bathroom to "PLEASE BRING ME SOME TOILET PAPER" I frantically dug through an unpacked box and found napkins... (they work in a pinch as long as you dont use too many), My son stood outside the bathroom door and with all the faith a 6 year old child has...announced he had prayed for toilet paper to hold on the answer was on the way.  ALRIGHTY THEN, I decided that if the Charmin guy showed up, I would pass out. The kids went off to school and my friend Peggy dropped by with some homemade goodies. While she was there, we sat and talked and I told Peggy I was thinking about selling half of my business... we are partners in another local site that is just getting off the ground. Peggy offered to buy half of my business for $20,000. Miracle number THREE had just manifested.

   Earlier today I spoke to Peggy again and she felt that the amount I was asking was not nearly enough. In place of more money, we agreed that she would come to the furniture store with me tomorrow morning and she will buy me furniture for my home!!!!!! I AM GETTING NEW FURNITURE TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Miracle Number FOUR!!!

   Right after that.... I spoke to one of my clients and he has opened an incredible door for my business via a Bishop here in West Palm Beach.... When is it going to end???  My friend Paulette told me that when the blessings came...they would come non stop and my life would never be the same... Spoken from someone who knows... PAULETTE YOU WERE RIGHT SIS!!!!!!!!!!

  On Monday of this week, I had absolutely NOTHING... I saw no end in sight and no way to get out of this situation... God truley made a way... As most of you know, I am Catholic... I called on my favorite Saints for intercession and on all of you... with the prayers of my very special freinds here on earth and the intercession of my favorite saints in Heaven... God is pouring the miracles over me non stop... St Therese sent me two great big pink roses to let me know she had brought my prayer before God... St Jude the patron of hopless cases has always come through for me... but most special of all... is JEsus... I felt His presence through this whole thing, The Lord blessed me with total peace even when the waters were as rough as they could be... I was tempted to write checks I couldnt cover.. I prayed for strength NOT to do that, something in the back of my mind told me, God would come through... HE DID!!!!  I thank God in HEaven for hearing all of the prayers that were prayed for me... and I pray that He will bless each and everyone of you the way he has blessed me... I pray that I will always have the wisdom to manage these gifts he is showering me with wisely and use them to glorify Him... I vow to help others get through what I have just gone through... I will be writing all of you to tell you my vison for doing this in the very near future .

  I wanted to thank each and everyone of you... You will never know how very much your concern and support mean to me and I am ALWAYS here for you when you need me. Since your prayers were so powerful for me, I was hoping you all could say  a few prayers for two other J4L members that are going through rough times...

 Mz. Ellie is battling cancer and needs our support so very much... please pray for Ellies complete healing, if you want to send a prayer or message on to her just send it to me here with PRAYER FOR ELLIE in the subject line and I will forward it to her for you... and second please pray for Chuck... he is battling the enemy with regards to his marriage and his situation is embedded with lies, deceit, and evil... he needs are support in a HUGE way as he is feeling like giving up... please send your encouragement to him through me with PRAYERS For CHUCK in the subject line and I will forward them to him... They need our prayers big time... You are the mightiest bunch of prayer warriors I have ever come across in my life and I know they will experience the miracle they need too with your prayers and support...

  In closing, I just want to tell all of you again how very much you mean to me... I am here for you ANYTIME you need me... I love you all!!!




Please fill in the form below to submit your praise report or special post in response to an answered prayer. 



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