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The Ingredients For A Miracle

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The Just 4 Ladies project is more than a web site is has become a mission to help women and men around the world get through the devastation of a broken heart. Since February 14, 2024 when the site was launched it has helped over 20,000 women and men deal with the pain and rejection of losing someone they love. I recently read the book The Prayer of Jabez and asked The Lord to expand my territory, He is doing just that. I have recently re-designed the Just 4 Ladies site and am launching my very first book. 

The Lord has given me the ability to reach out to millions, He has expanded my territory.

Through  advertising and book sales, my plans are to launch a series of Just 4 Ladies seminars in church's around the Nation. 

My goal is to touch the lives and bring the message of hope, faith and God's unyielding love to the millions of men and women that are hurting due to heartbreak.

In today's society it is common for unwed mothers to raise their children alone, for couples to divorce  for any reason and for women to carry the burden of making a family foundation in single parent homes. I believe The Lord is calling out to His modern day Deborah's and giving us the job of making these issues right. 

It is my mission thru the Just 4 Ladies ministry to help teach other women that when they turn their situations over to God, He will make a perfect choice for them and the children that they are raising, the same children that are our future. 

The burden of being the head of family has fallen on the woman's shoulders in many cases. When given this burden it is easy to make wrong choices out of the desperate need for relief. It doesn't have to be like that. With God in our lives, we can carry this burden and carry it easily. When we set our hearts and minds on Our Heavenly Father He steps into the position of head of the family. He carries the burden for us. It is part of my mission to help other women discover the power within that can change their lives forever. The same power that show's us how to be happy. 

Future plans for Just 4 Ladies include a Just 4 Ladies conference in South Florida, a written publication to reach those that do not have Internet access and the development of a worldwide network of support for women that need each other. 

My long term vision for Just 4 Ladies  involves a plan to help keep families together, hold men responsible for the children they bring into this world and programs that will help men be better fathers to the children they have created. It involves helping women make the right choice when choosing a partner by leaving the choice in His hands.

It is not acceptable to use the excuse that "everyone else is doing it" to live life the way we want. We have a responsibility to our children and to future generations to restore family values in our lives. It can be done.

They say that one person can not change the world, I am not one person trying to change it I am one person bringing together many and we can change the soul at a time.


The Editor


Michele Leahy





















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